remembering a remarkable mother



Dear Family and Friends of Pattie,


In lieu of a letter I am sharing this photo of a hickory chair that I recently designed and built to honor her memory. 


The legs symbolize Pattie’s firm foundation in Christ.  If you’re reading this, chances are that you observed Pattie’s faith in Jesus Christ.  In Him, she found the strength to endure all things, and in Him, she prayed for all of us.   Note that the feet of the chair seem to “hover” just a bit.   I made them that way to represent the “uplifting” love, joy, and encouragement that Pattie shared with all of us.


The seat of the chair symbolizes Pattie’s spiritual gift of hospitality.  Who among us hasn’t enjoyed an awesome “country” dinner, quiet conversation, boisterous laughter, a thoughtful card, a generous financial gift, a hug and a kiss, a bed or even a floor to sleep on when many were present?  She freely gave of her home, but in so giving, Pattie experienced such overwhelming joy that we could not help but be encouraged as well. 


The back of the chair symbolizes Pattie’s faithfulness during our time of need.  Whether her child, sister, brother-in-law, grandchild, son-in-law, niece, nephew, or friend - we knew we could lean on Pattie and rest, assured that she was dependable and if asked would give us only straight answers.


The absence of arms is also purposeful, representing the unseen and unknown sacrifices that Pattie made for each one of us.

The seat-to-back connecting mechanism represents Pattie’s acknowledgment that Jesus Christ was God’s Son and that He died on the cross for us, as a sacrifice for our sins.   This knowledge “held her up” during good time and difficult times, and it was Pattie’s greatest hope that each us would come to know and receive the same forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  In so doing, we will share with her God’s own “hospitality” forever.


I miss her.                                                                                       

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